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Crazy, Not Insane  2020

Directed by  Alex Gibney
Executive Produced by  Maiken Baird, Stacey Offman
Distributed by  HBO

World Premiere Venice Film Festival 2020

Why kill? Few can answer this question better than renowned forensic psychologist Dorothy Lewis, who has interviewed the likes of Ted Bundy and Joel Rifkin over the course of her maverick career. Director Alex Gibney takes us alongside Lewis as she asks why, not how, in pursuit of a unified theory for what makes a killer. Crazy, Not Insane takes surprising turns as chilling, never-before-seen inmate interviews reveal the interior lives of very violent people.

“[An] ominously absorbing documentary about the forensic psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis…you come out of the movie alive to the place where evil and insanity meet and then fall back apart.”
“An urgent film, it's filled with chilling detail and propelled by clear-eyed compassion…As disturbing as the movie can be, there's so much illuminating intelligence at work that it never feels oppressive.”
The Hollywood Reporter